Is live music being silenced? Cities around the world are experiencing the death of the independent live music venue. With the proliferation of condo developments in low-income artist communities, ensuing noise complaints, the commercialization of large music venues, and the rise in stringent city zoning and liquor regulations, small local music venues around the world are struggling to stay open.

Set in Vancouver, Canada which has long been known as No Fun City, this documentary is a passionate tale about a tight-knit music scene and its ongoing battle for a place to call home. Witnessing the ups and downs of life behind the scenes, the camera follows as venues are shut down, parties are raided and musicians resort to playing in illegal venues, DIY warehouses, and even parking lots, mostly located Vancouver's downtown eastside, one of Canada's poorest neighbourhoods. These brave supporters of punk and metal face irate neighbours, police raids, evictions, deportation, million dollar lawsuits, and even city hall in order to keep their underground music scene alive.

Directed and produced by Melissa James & Kate Kroll, this award winning film features interviews with Vancouver bands Skinny Puppy, DOA, Subhumans, Dayglo Abortions, 3 Inches of Blood and Japandroids among others, who help shed light on a problem that exists throughout the world. Plus, gritty live music performances, candid behind the scenes action and a throttling RockíníRoll soundtrack.